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I’m not going to commit to a 365 photo challenge as I know there will come days when the chance to take a picture, edit and post will not be possible. Having said that, after my visit to the Foam Museum in December 2014, I realized I have given this passion of mine too little attention these last few years and, following the footsteps of great photographers like Vivian Maier, I should carry my camera around with me and document life. So the plan is to have this page as my photo journal, and update it as frequently as I can with pictures of random objects, people, street, fashion… anything I find picture worthy. I will number them and we’ll see how far I can go. 

portrait of my love

#1 - Love



#2 -Caged

portrait of Edward Lansink

#3 - Boss

DJ Owen B

#4 - Chiaroscuro


#5 - Inspiration

Calm sea

#6 - Calm

window portrait Christina Goggi photography

#7 - Window


#8 - Balloons

Thoughts by Christina Goggi Photography

#9 - Thoughts


#10 - Exhaustion

Manarola Christina Goggi Photography

#11 - Manarola

Florence Christina Goggi Photography

#12 - Florence

ginger cat Christina Goggi Photography

#13 - Predator

levitation by Christina Goggi Photography

#14 - levitation

Charles Bridge Christina Goggi Photography

#15 - Charles Bridge

prague landscape

#16 - Prague

wedding happiness

#17 - Happiness

kitten yawn

#18 - Yawn

Valletta balconies Christina Goggi Photography

#19 - Balconies

Valletta church by Christina Goggi

#20 - Valletta

flowers in motion

#21 - Flowers

Prague balcony

#22 - Balcony

Prague Underground

#23 - Underground

brighton west pier sunset

#24 - Brighton West Pier

coffee cup by christina goggi

#25 - Coffee

stereographic projection photo of Lucca by Goggi photography

#26 - Lucca

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