Tuscany – A travel account in photographs

A couple of weeks ago my partner (Ed) and I went to celebrate my birthday in beautiful Tuscany. Both of us had been to Florence and Pisa before (in my case this was the fourth time), but seriously, can you ever get enough of the old villages, the gorgeous green hilly landscapes with the cypress trees and vineyards, the amazing food (I can still recall the taste of the bistecca alla Fiorentina) and the finest wines?

We couldn’t; and this time we also had Manorola, Siena, Montepulciano, Monteriggioni, Pienza and San Gimignano on our list! We spent seven days in this heavenly part of Italy. Although we were sun kissed for the first four days, unfortunately we didn’t have very good weather during our last days so I didn’t document them in my photos. I did however take some pictures of Pisa, Florence, Manorola and Siena which you can enjoy below. Thousands of tourists flock to Tuscany every year, taking their own shots, and I wanted to capture Tuscany differently. I hope you like them!



Manarola, one of the Cinque Terre, is simply breathtaking! We drove from our B&B in Pisa to Manarola late morning as we knew we’d need to do some walking to find the spot form where to take our shots. We parked our car and started walking down to the little, colourful village. As we walked down to it we could hear the sound of birds’ chirping and a stream. The sun was shining but there was a lovely fresh breeze. We got to this adorable small square with a tiny church that lead to different parts of the village. Our plan was to take our shots from opposite the village so we went walking on the hill until we found out there was another passage that was safer and took you right opposite. We set up our tripods, chose our lenses, Ed lent me his ND filter, we prepared some settings and waited for the sun to set. This took hours. We passed our time by making tourists happy and taking their photos with the village in the background. Finally when the sun set we started shooting and the image above is what I got. Ed’s shot is a wider one which I really liked as I felt it added some narrative to the image – to keep in mind for next time! Then it was a lovely plate of fish and some vino, followed by a walk all the way up to our car.


pisa  pisa

What? No tower? I thought of capturing some other features from Pisa because I genuinely feel there’s so much more to it, such as the details in the columns captured above.


florence duomo

florence duomo florence duomo

I can never get enough of Florence! The duomo, Ponte Vecchio, Palazzo Pitti, Accademia, Uffizzi, the street artists, the food, the shops… there are so many reasons to go back and back and never ever tire of it. Above are shots outside and inside the beautiful duomo di Firenze. Below are shots I took at my favorite museum in Florence, the Palazzo Pitti. It is a favorite because I feel like I’m taken back in time when I walk through the rooms the Medici used to live in; and I just love strolling at the giardino di boboli outside. There’s an area where you can see all of Florence below you. I could sit there and take it all in for hours. This time however, we only had time to go inside and missed the giardino… oh well, another excuse to go again!

palazzo pitti palazzo pitti palazzo pitti



siena sienadetail  sienamuseo sienaduomosiena tower

Siena is such a romantic place stay at! Ed and I stayed at an agriturismo not far away from the city where they made their own wine and there own produce and it was the experience! We could have breakfast outside overlooking their vineyards and watch the sun set on the city right opposite. The actual city is so full of heritage! Above can see a panorama I took of the Piazza del Campo where they hold the annual Palio di Siena, details from the tower, and a detail of the duomo’s facade.

montepulciano pienza

In all the little Tuscan villages like Montepulciano, Monteriggioni and Pienza, you will see these gorgeous old buildings (like in the image above) and shops selling leather clothing made by the finest craftsmen.

But what you’ll definitely see and love about Tuscany, and with this I’ll conclude, are the unique landscapes…

Tuscany landscape

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