20 Things that made me fall in love with Prague

It’s been two months since I left the Czech Republic’s capital city, and yet I already miss it terribly. Picture yourself on a warm summer day, roaming around in old cobbled streets with pretty pastel-coloured houses full of detail and striking red rooftops; as you walk you can hear a musician playing an old acoustic guitar; you look up to a bright blue sky and you see soap bubbles floating in the air which brings the child in you to life… This is Prague. A city made for dreamers, artists and travellers who love culture. A bohemian fairytale place, full of history and heritage. If I could go back, I’d do so in a heartbeat! Here’s why:

1. Bubbles in Prague

You thought I let my imagination run wild when I asked you to picture soap bubbles floating it the air? If you’re roaming around the streets in Prague you’re bound to come across one of these gigantic bubbles and it’s simply mesmerising! Be it during the day at Wenceslas Square, Old Town Square, or at night on Charles Bridge, they’ll be there, and you’ll probably be beaming like the child in the picture below (click on image to enlarge).

Child blowing bubbles at Wenceslas Square, Prague

Child blowing massive soap bubbles at Wenceslas Square, Prague. Image © Christina Goggi

2. Musicians

Everywhere you go in Prague you’ll come across a singer, musician, or a band… the streets are alive!

Prague musician with guitar

One of the many musicians who blew me away in Prague. Image © Christina Goggi

3. The cobbled streets…

…Especially at sunset, as you can see in the picture I took below. Almost all the streets in Prague are in cobblestone and it just brings romantic to a whole new level!

Cobbled streets in Prague.

Cobbled streets in Prague. Image © Christina Goggi

4. Actually, the streets in Prague in general!

Just looking out of the window of a café I was inspired by the shadows of the people crossing the road right opposite…

Shadows in Prague - Christina Goggi Photography

Shadows in Prague. Image © Christina Goggi

5. The smiling faces of newlyweds at the Old Town Square

You are bound to come across a newlywed couple at the Old Town Square in Prague. This couple was adorable, and even more adorable was the father of the bride’s priceless smile. Everyone was cheering for them. Beautiful.

Wedding at Old Town Square, Prague. Image © Christina Goggi

Newlyweds at Old Town Square, Prague. Image © Christina Goggi

6. Or these young newlyweds at Prague Castle

They weren’t the only newlyweds having their pictures taken next to the majestic St. Vitus Cathedral, but they were the ones who caught my eye.

Prague castle wedding photography goggi

Newlyweds next to St. Vitus Cathedral, Prague. Image © Christina Goggi

7. This cross at St. Vitus Cathedral

While admiring the gothic interior of St. Vitus Cathedral, I came across this really captivating cross. The way it was positioned and designed made it look like I was being watched over and it also showed the suffering of Christ.

Cross at St. Vitus Cathedral Prague

Cross at St. Vitus Cathedral, Prague . Image © Christina Goggi

8. The façade of St. George’s Basilica

The striking red Baroque façade of St. George’s Basilica – the oldest surviving church building in Prague – left me staring at it in awe for a while. It contrasts with the rest of the castle complex and yet blends in.

St George Basilica -Prague Castle

St George Basilica, Prague Castle. Image © Christina Goggi

9. And this bench

Why the bench? Right next to it there’s a restaurant where you can grab a beer, have a seat and enjoy a view of St George’s Square which includes: St George’s Basilica, part of St. Vitus Cathedral and a section of the Royal Palace, while listening to the soothing sound of the water running in fountain opposite you. There’s a lot to see at Prague Castle so you’ll need a a quick break like this.

Prague Castle by Christina Goggi

Prague Castle. © Christina Goggi

10. The changing of the guards

OK, truth be told, the actual changing of the guards wasn’t what impressed me; what did was the guard himself. Well, not the guard I photographed specifically, but the role. Standing in the same position for so long, while silly tourists (like myself) taking pictures of you and near you. It just made me wonder… what goes on in his head during all that time? With that gorgeous view in front of him. What would you think of?

Changing of the Guards Prague

Changing of the Guards, Prague. Image © Christina Goggi

11. The view from Prague Castle

This. B-e-a-utiful. View. Is what I’m talking about in #10.

Prague panorama by Christina Goggi

The view from Prague Castle. Image © Christina Goggi

12. The padlocks on your way to the Lennon Wall

So many positive messages of love and hope… these padlocks can be found on a small bridge on your way to the Lennon Wall.

Prague padlocks

Padlocks on your way to Lennon Wall, Prague. Image © Christina Goggi

13. John Lennon Wall

The wall that hasn’t stopped changing since the 1980s. The Lennon Wall is so powerful because it shows you can never silence people and their freedom of expression. I tried to capture some details below – beautiful messages for a brighter future (click on image to enlarge).

Lennon Wall Prague

Lennon Wall, Prague. Image © Christina Goggi

14. Memorials of Jan Palach and Josef Toufar

On our first day, while walking towards the National Museum of Prague, we came across this wall which sparked curiosity in me – who were these people? Next to the museum there was a cross on the ground which made me wonder even more. It turns out the cross was a memorial for Jan Palach and Jan Zajíc who committed self-immolation in front of the museum in protest of the invasion of the Soviet Union in Czechoslovakia. Josef Toufar, on the other hand, was brutally tortured to death by the StB communist secret police in 1950. There are reminders like this one in Prague which show us what the Czech Republic has been through and how precious freedom of expression is.

Prague Palach and Toufar

Memorial of Jan Palach and Josef Toufar, Prague. Image © Christina Goggi

15. The Jewish Quarter and Synagogues

More history in Prague can be found at the Jewish Quarter and Synagogues. We did the full tour which includes a section in a museum that brought me to tears; there were drawings by children who suffered the Holocaust.  These children were asked to draw how the felt and the drawings are so powerful and moving. One of the synagogue’s walls were full of names of people who didn’t survive the Holocaust. We could take photographs of the cemetery outside but I chose not to. I did however take a shot of the stunning Spanish synagogue where every surface is covered with stunning Islamic-style polychrome and golden patterns.

Prague Spanish Synagogue

Spanish Synagogue, Prague. Image © Christina Goggi

16. The hand-made souvenirs

On a lighter note, here are some adorable souvenirs I fell in love with around Prague. There were many others and so many paintings (I brought a few with me).

Puppets in Prague

Puppets. Image © Christina Goggi

Prague handmade souvenirs

Prague handmade mice. Image © Christina Goggi

Prague handmade angles

Handmade angles. Image © Christina Goggi

17. These homemade Czech cookies

The Czech aren’t only great artists; they’re also great at making some gorgeous (and delicious) gingerbread cookies! On our way to Charles Bridge we came across a little shop where you could watch the artisans make and decorate these lovely gingerbread cookies. Again, I brought quite a few of these with me; sadly, they didn’t last for long.

Czech cookies. Christina Goggi

Czech cookies. Image © Christina Goggi

18. Trdelník

Oh-My-God! These are a must for anyone with a sweet tooth! I was having at least one a day while I was in Prague (generously lined with Nutella on the inside). Trdelník is simply a sweet dough placed around a stick and roasted over an open flame; once it is golden brown and fully cooked, it is dipped in sugar and served warm. So cheap, so quick and so delicious! You’ll find a stand selling Trdelník in the main squares in Prague.


Trdelník. Image © Christina Goggi

19. The view from Shooter’s Island (Střelecký Ostrov)

I wanted to take a picture of Charles Bridge at sunset and Shooter’s Island was the perfect spot for it. I set up my tripod, camera, remote trigger, polariser, etc. at the tip of the island overlooking the bridge, and just sat there waiting for the sun to set while I dipped my feet into the sand. It was such a stunning scene. However, I decided to move my focus to the actual buildings instead of the bridge as I had an idea for a different shot while I sat there… Instead I got the below shot and enjoyed the peace and calm.

Prague landscape at sunset

Prague landscape at sunset. Image © Christina Goggi

20. Charles Bridge by night

During the day it’s full of artists and artisans selling their works; at night however… At night, the lamp posts cast a warm light on the path; you can see the Prague castle lit up contrast with the dark sky; the river Vltava mirrors the colours of the restaurants’ lights; musicians enchant their public audiences… it’s magical!

Prague Charles Bridge

Charles Bridge by night. Image © Christina Goggi

There are many, many other reasons why I miss this beautiful city and I have over a hundred other images with dear memories, but I don’t want to exhaust this post. All I can say is, I can’t wait to go again and I would recommend visiting Prague to anyone!


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