World Animal Day: A reminder to support our friends

Today is a very important day for all animal-lovers. World Animal Day isn’t just a day to take a selfie with your pet(s) or share a picture of your pet(s) – although it’s nice to share the love (which I myself will do in this post, but priorities first). World Animal Day is celebrated all over the world for one main reason: to support animal rights and welfare. Technically we should do this all year round, but we all know it’s not the case with the exception of a few of us (the animal sanctuaries I know of confirm they are in dire need of help); so at least on this one day in the year, let’s support our friends.

I believe charity begins at home so I’m going to share some Maltese animal sanctuaries I know of whose volunteers are highly dedicated and could really use some support – you can help by volunteering, donating money, donating animal food, or any other supplies they need. These aren’t the only ones in Malta, they’re just the ones I have met and seen for myself; please feel free to leave a comment below if you know of any other animal sanctuary who needs support.

Here are the animal sanctuaries I support:

And now, here are some of my favourite Instagram photos of my four-legged, fluffy friends I took over the years:

Chivu and Beatrix – my two favourite four-legged friends

Here’s the first picture of the two together – before this picture they wouldn’t be seen anywhere close to each other unless they’re fighting. Chivu has been a solitary home cat for 10 years before meeting Beatrix, at the time a kitten. Ed (my partner) got him back in 2004 and he grew up knowing few other cats. I always thought that with both of us working 8hrs+ a day, Chivu should have a companion, so we found Beatrix when we moved in to our new home. Nowadays the two get along!

Christina Goggi's cats

Meet Chivu (the ginger cat) and Beatrix (the black and white kitten). July 2014.

Cat in a box

I’m sure this is a normal photo for any cat person. Chivu just can’t see an empty box and not go in it. It was such fun opening all the furniture boxes when we moved into our new home and watching him jump from one to the other happily (and slightly confused).

Cat in a box

Cat in a box. August 2014.

‘I own this place’

Chivu, like many other cats, believes us humans are sharing ‘his’ kingdom and likes to make it clear. Here he is on our new wall unit telling us he’s the king of the house.

Cat king of the house

King of the house. January 2014.

Kitty cuddles!

These moments… priceless!

Kitty cuddles

Kitty cuddles. March 2014.


Chivu loves to lie down, belly up, when he’s happy.

Cat lying down tummy up

'What?'. April 2014.

Adorable kitten in the house!

And then came Beatrix. I remember the day I picked her… We had been going to different cat sanctuaries in search for ‘the one’. Ed told me that when it was ‘the one’ you’d know it. I couldn’t find her. We even contacted people who found kittens in the streets who needed a home. It was tough! Partly because I felt bad and wanted to take them all with me, and partly because I couldn’t choose one. Until we went to a woman who had found three kittens and was looking for a home for them. The minute I saw her I knew it was her. She wasn’t too keen on joining us. Her brothers, on the other hand, were really friendly and fluffy and Ed wanted one of them instead. Yet I still wanted her. After lots of negotiating with Ed, he agreed we’d get her. She turned out to be the craziest and most loving cat I’ve ever met. In the pictures below, she’s on her favourite blanket.

Kitten sleeping 1

Kitten sleeping 1. June 2014.

Kitten sleeping 2

Kitten sleeping 2. July 2014.

Beatrix and the owl

My little one is either hyper and destroying stuff, or sleeping. It’s easier to capture her while she’s asleep with my slow phone so most of my Instagram pictures of her are while she’s dreaming. Here she is resting on her (and my) favourite cushion.

Beatrix and the owl

Beatrix and the owl. September 2014.

Crazy cat lady

She was just getting kisses from me but, having turned into a crazy cat lady, I tried to get more creative with the camera. She’s not too happy with this shot… says it gives her a double-chin. Don’t tell her I used it.

Crazy cat lady

Crazy cat lady. March 2015.

Cats in love

After months of hissing and fighting, my fluffy ones finally made peace and here’s a picture Ed and I treasure. They still like their own space (by ‘they’ I mean Chivu because she’s quite a sociable kitten), but they now protect each other when it’s bath time for example, and they are very respectful of each other at lunch and dinner time; and there are these priceless moments when they even cuddle next to each other on our laps.

Cats in love

Cats in love. March 2015.

We’ve given our cats a loving home but we know very well that there are some animals out there who need a home and some who are in the wrong one and need to be saved. If you know of any animals who are being mistreated please contact animal welfare immediately. Malta’s Animal Welfare Department’s contact details are:

Tel: 22924132 , 22924113 and 22924247

If you’re thinking of getting a new pet or know of someone who is, please remember that there are many cats, dogs, and other loving animals who are in dire need of a new loving family at the sanctuaries mentioned at the start of the article.

Spread the awareness, at least on World Animal Day.

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