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Dear Reader,

I haven’t really introduced myself and I feel I should. I know there’s a biography section on this site of mine, but that’s more of a professional blurb that needs to be brief and to the point; this blog post is intended to share a little more about the person behind this blog, what her goal is, and what’s in it for you.

So who am I?

I am a twenty-something year old who lives on a tiny, beautiful island in the middle of the Mediterranean sea – Malta. I’m writing this piece in my car right next to a sandy beach; it’s dark (the only thing emitting light is my laptop’s screen), there is a fresh sea breeze caressing my skin and the sound of the waves is making my inner self purr. It’s thanks to this gorgeous setting that I got all inspired to write this piece.

Remember when as a child someone would ask you what you’d like to become when you’d grow up? I always had a different answer; and to date I still haven’t quite figured it out. I envy those people who have it all planned out, especially considering (ironically so) I’m a little bit of a control freak and I feel the need to know where I’m heading and what’s coming up next. My only consolation is that even if I did have a plan, life’s unpredictability might twist it all around for me so, really and truly, no one can ever have full control over their lives.

When I was once interviewed for a magazine and asked what inspired my photography, I didn’t quite know what to point at… all I could think of was ‘everything’. In my life so far, I’ve always been moved by the arts (whatever the medium) as I simply love the way human beings can create things to express something. So I kept on trying out anything I could (including a part-time course in filming, my most recent adventure, for example).

The life coach I had spoken to told me that everything I did in my life happens for a reason and that at some point, all the dots will connect.

I have been working as a content marketing professional for other businesses for over five years now (you’re probably figuring out the ‘something’ behind my twenty years is closer to thirty), I have also been doing photography on the side since I turned eighteen, and I love to inspire and meet people.

See the dots connecting?

For years my friends have been telling me to start my own blog and to get a photography website done, but I never felt ready. I quit my last job five months ago because I was offered a new job opportunity, which I accepted, and it was at that moment I knew I wanted to also do my own ‘thing’ on the side.

Which brings us to this blog

I didn’t just want to have a regular photography portfolio site – I want to share more for other creative beings. I added a blog section simply to combine the two things I love, photography and writing.  I intend to fill this blog with photography tutorials (from my first-hand experience), with inspiration-filled articles through which I share anything that’s helped me get my creative juices flowing, in the hope it will do the same with you. Amongst other topics, I’d like to share with you my travel experiences (as I LOVE travelling and travel photography), and (this is the part I’m most excited about) with interviews! Yes, I plan to interview and photograph as many creative people as I can to share their own experiences with us!

Today’s note:

Before I got my driving license I wanted to drive simply to be able to drive off to somewhere far away from the rush and routine, and meditate in some secluded place. Since I got my license, I’ve only driven my car out of necessity. Today, for the first time, I decided to drive off with no destination in mind. I kept driving and driving until I found my spot. It was so liberating! I just sat down in front of the sea. No soul was to be seen. Pitch dark. The only sound was that of the waves and a lonely cricket. I could feel a nice fresh breeze. I could smell the sea air and the wet stones. My mind was at peace. I felt so inspired that I went to my car and just wrote this piece. I think every creative soul out there should do this. Often.

Am I the only one who seeks inspiration this way? What do you do when you want to escape from routine and connect with yourself?


  1. by Luca on July 4, 2015  2:04 pm Reply

    Hey Christina, it was nice seeing you earlier today. I had to visit your website as soon as I got home! Very well done, both for the site and even more for the work. Keep this curiosity, I really enjoyed your gallery.

    Take good care!

  2. by Christina on July 4, 2015  4:14 pm Reply

    Hey Luca =) Thank you so much for the kind words! It was great to bump into you and I look forward to working with you ;) We'll keep in touch!

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