A special dedication to my first DSLR

Throw Back Thursday this week couldn’t have been timed better – the day after I gave my first DSLR, my trusty old Canon 500D, to someone else. Yesterday I posted an image on my Instagram account with a small dedication to it, but the truth is I don’t feel like it’s enough.

Instagram dedication to my first DSLR

You’d think I’m dramatizing this a tad bit too much; but I disagree. Because, you see, my camera has been one of my greatest friends over these years. No, I’m not lonely – I have some awesome friends, an amazing partner, and a loving family – but my camera isn’t just an object to me.

My first DSLR was there for me while I was looking for work after university – it kept me inspired and motivated. It helped me express what I couldn’t with words. It has helped me capture some of the most important moments in my life and in the lives of my loved ones. My first DSLR has helped me release my creativity. It introduced me to new friends. It was a brilliant icebreaker. It was a great travel companion. It helped me see what others take for granted, enriching me in helping me to appreciate even the simplest of things in life.

Don’t get me wrong, we’ve had our clashes. She wouldn’t always cooperate with me or see things the way I did; although nowadays I know it was me not understanding her back then. How frustrating it would be when I missed a shot because my shutter speed was too slow and the image would be a blur, or when I’d be in a place with low-light and I just resorted to a high ISO on an Automatic setting which resulted in way more noise than either of us were comfortable with.

Yet as time passed, I worked with her more and more. The more time we spent together, the more we learned to understand each other. The more we understood each other, the happier we were. The happier we were, the more we achieved. I got her new lenses to help her achieve better images.

She was a star.

Yet, when one friend keeps growing or wants to do more while the other can only do so much, the friend that’s still developing will look for someone like-minded. I found my new friend – my Canon 6D – who is already spending some great time with me and has seen some stunning places and faces. I started neglecting my 500D and she was lonely and sad because she hadn’t captured a precious memory for a while. So I felt it was time for her to find someone new, who would love her, grow and develop with her, and appreciate her like I did before I met my 6D. Yesterday he picked her up for the first time, like I did all those years ago, and he’s eager to make the most of his time with her.

Here are some of my most treasured images which I captured with her.

Goodbye my friend!

Window. Amsterdam. 2010.

Window. Amsterdam. 2010. Image © Christina Goggi

Brother's wedding. 2010.

Brother's wedding. 2010. Image © Christina Goggi

Friend. Paris. 2011.

Friend. Paris. 2011. Image © Christina Goggi

Model. Malta. 2011.

Model. Malta. 2011. Image © Christina Goggi

Model. London. 2011.

Model. London. 2011. Image © Christina Goggi

Friends. Paris. 2011.

Friends. Paris. 2011. Image © Christina Goggi

Steffi Thake. 2012.

Steffi Thake. 2012. Image © Christina Goggi

Glasgow. 2013.

Glasgow. 2013. Image © Christina Goggi

Family. 2013.

Family. 2013. Image © Christina Goggi

My nephew. Scotland. 2013.

My nephew. Scotland. 2013. Image © Christina Goggi

Do you still think I’m being too dramatic or have you been through something like this yourself? Leave a comment below and let me know!

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