15 powerful pictures that will restore your faith in humanity

I’m generally quite an optimistic person, yet seeing the bright side in some of the terrible things happening in the world is not possible, and it upsets me. If you’re as sensitive a soul as I am, I have some good news for you – there are some events that should restore your faith in humanity and put back a smile on your face!

I’ve collected a series of powerful pictures from all over the world that show us that there are some beautiful humans out there, and that love is still all around.

1. Love wins

Starting with the most recent, here’s an image that captures the genuine happiness amongst the crowd celebrating outside the supreme court in Washington DC on June 26, 2015, after its decision on gay marriage. More beautiful images and information about America’s same-sex marriage ruling here.

gay marriage usa

Mladen Antonov – AFO/Getty Images

2. Timeless love

These images make my heart melt every time I look at them! True love really does have its happily ever after! Click here for source and more adorable couples’ images.

Ageless love

Ageless love 2ageless love 3

3. The animal lovers

Here’s a really touching image of a brave fire-fighter giving water to a koala in 2009, during the Black Saturday bushfires that burned across Victoria, Australia.

firefighter gives water to koala

Mark Pardew - Reuters

And here’s an image of a man hugging his dog after finding her inside his destroyed home in East Limestone, Arkansas.

owner hugs dog

The Decatur Daily, Gary Cosby Jr / AP

4. Batkid

This story is so special because it really shows how kind, imaginative and beautiful people can be! It’s about a five-year old leukemia survivor who took San Francisco by storm as ‘Batkid’.


AFP Photo / Ramin Talaie

5. More superheroes!

Another adorable image I found here was this one of a dad shopping with his kid, both dressed in superhero costumes – I just love seeing parents playing along with their children’s imagination!

awesome dad

6. This embrace…

Such a priceless image of a mother, Terri Gurrola, finally reunited with her daughter after serving in Iraq for seven months.


projects.ajc.com / Via polichicksonline.com

 7. And this one

This kid’s genuine smile as he hugs his dad during a Welcome Home Ceremony in Fort Carson, Colorado.

soldier hugs child

Marc Piscotty / AP

 8. This kid’s compassion

Here’s a picture of a five year old girl holding the hand of fellow Hurricane Katrina victim as they are evacuated from the convention centre in New Orleans.


Eric Gay / AP

9. “Have my heart”

Two powerful photos: one where we see a Romanian child handing a heart-shaped balloon to a police during a protest against the austerity measures in Bucharest, and the other one showing the police accepting and holding it.

heart balloon

ioanamoldovan.com / Via theworldreporter.com

10. #SayNoToRacism

This is an older image, but recalls such a beautiful moment! Back in 1970, during the World Cup which at the time was marred by racism, Pele and British captain Bobby Moore traded jerseys as a sign of mutual respect.

Say No To Racism

Via reddit.com

Is there any image I missed? Share it in a comment below – let’s spread the positivity!


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